Monday, December 15, 2014

Why a “spending ban”?

I am happy to be back on the blog and I will be blogging more often because I do not have classes again until the third week of January!

If you have been following me on my Instagram account lately, you would have seen posts about doing a “100 Day Spending Ban.” I am sure your big question is “Why?” Why am I going to stop indulging in my makeup addiction by not stepping foot in a Sephora or Ulta for a little over three months? I simply realized that I have so much makeup that I will probably take years and years to even finish. As it gets closer to January 1, 2015 I am going to do an inventory so I can keep track of how many of each makeup product I own and do another inventory after 100 days. I admit, this will be slightly embarrassing admitting how many unused lipsticks I have or how many Sephora samples I am hoarding in plastic boxes. This blog is here to create accountability and to gather support from lovely readers like you! I have been studying government for 6 years, so accountability is one of my most commonly used words! ;)

What kinds of rules am I going to set?

First off, I will not buy any makeup products for the entire 100 day period. I have enough “back ups” (extra makeup) in my makeup collection so I will have no excuse to buy anything that I deem as a necessity.

Secondly, I will try to finish as many products that I can which will most likely be products such as foundation primer, foundation samples, mascara, and anything that can reasonably be finished in 100 days.

Third, I have already unsubscribed from all makeup emails. I will give away my Ulta coupons I receive in the mail to friends and to fellow beauty bloggers on Instagram. Not looking at emails and catalogs will help me avoid temptation of having to try that new “must have” product.

Fourth, I will make a list of everything I want to buy in order to see how much money I am saving from not buying it. I will update that list every other week with the costs and list a grand total every month. Thanks to @boltblogsbeauty for this idea!

Lastly, I will be cutting back on buying bath, hair, and skincare products because I am overflowing with products in my bathroom. I will only buy shampoo/conditioner/body wash when I finish an entire bottle. The same rule will apply to skincare and hair care.

Any suggestions for rules? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

Have a wonderful night!

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